Quebec: Re Opening plan

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The relaxations presented in this page apply to all regions of Québec. These changes relate to low-risk activities targeting large venues and outdoor activities.

Starting May 28

Curfew lifted

Restaurant outdoor terraces open
Red and orange levels: 2 adults from different addresses with their minor age children OR occupants of a single private residence per table
Yellow level: Occupants of 2 residences per table

Outdoor gatherings permitted on private property

Maximum 8 people from separate residences or occupants of 2 residences, 2-metre distancing applies

Travel bans between regions lifted

Resumption of events with a maximum audience of 2 500 people (subdivided into independent sections with a limit of 250 people) in big auditoriums, amphitheatres, indoor stadiums, or outdoor stadiums or sites with pre-assigned seating

For red levels, a maximum of 1000 people can attend ambulatory shows.

Festival and event promoters must comply with specific instructions. For additional information, please consult the “Instructions for festivals and events” page.

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