About Us

The Canadian Association of Amusement Operators (CAAO) is a non-profit organization founded by Canadian amusement owners, operators, suppliers, manufacturers, executives, entertainers and associates. Our mission is to advocate for change, and recognition; assisting the amusement industry in a variety of areas. Our goal is to be recognized as Canada’s leading amusement organization. The CAAO welcomes all amusement owner/operators, inclusive but not limited to concessionaires, suppliers and associates. Our hope is the CAAO will be the collective voice to represent our industry across Canada; creating a platform to simplify communication, bring forth change and raise awareness of things that impact our unique industry.   Current items on our agenda:

  • COVID-19 Relief & Support
  • Provincial and National Ride Safety
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Transportation Regulation – Federal and Provincial
  • Electrical Safety and Inspection – Harmonization
  • Food Handler Training
  • Municipal Health Inspection – Streamline
  • Safety Training Programs – Industry Wide
  • Amusement Insurance
  • Loans & Financing for our Industry

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Meet The Board:  


Chris Clarke - Executive Director
Chris is an independent amusement ride inspector and safety consultant. He sits on the Ontario Amusement Device Advisory Council (ADAC). His background is entertainment electrical. Chris started in the amusement business in 1991 with his father, and their food concession

Andrew Gidaro - Corporate Director
Andrew is the Director of Operations at Astro Amusements and General Manager of Screemers Inc. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in 2006, and then returned to Guelph and graduated with a Masters in Business, MBA in 2013. He has been on the Ontario Amusement Device Advisory Council (ADAC) since 2015

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Brad McCafferty - Corporate Director
Brad is the President of Magical Midways Inc. and Past President of the Showmens League of America - Canadian Chapter. He's a third generation in the outdoor amusement industry.

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Geordie Todd - Corporate Director
Geordie is the owner/operator or All Canadian Entertainment and GT Food

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Danny Campbell - Chairperson Of The Board
Harriet Hollander - Treasurer