Membership Levels

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Midway Company Levels

Midway Level 1 Membership
21+ Rides
Midway Level 2 Membership
11-20 Rides
Midway Level 3 Membership
5-10 Rides
Midway Level 4 Membership
1-4 Rides


Other Types of Memberships

Carnival Executive
An individual who is not the owner, but manages parts of the day to day business. Office Manager, Show Manager, Maintenance Manager, Supervisors etc...
Game Owner
Game Owner - Any size
Food Concession Owner
Candy, Grab, Lemonade, Mini Donuts, Corndog, Fries etc...
Other Concession Owner
Merchandise or Other Vendors

Associate Member
Entertainers, Friends of the Industry, "Other" that doesn’t fit in another category.
Anyone who sells or supplies to amusement companies or concessionaires. Food supplies, Game supplies, fuel, sound and lighting, Repair shops, Parts etc...
Fair,Festival or Special Event
Fair, Street Festival, Music Festival, Ribfest, Rodeo, Exhibition, Service Club Fair, Food Festival etc...
Employee of any of the categories

All rates are in Canadian Dollars