To Operate an amusement in most Canadian provinces, you are required to have an approved Technical Dossier or Application for each amusement device. The seal and signature of a professional engineer is required on the technical filings.

The following are Professional Engineers that may be hired for producing and/or reviewing Technical Dossiers for Amusement Rides and Inflatable Amusements.

Armis Engineering – Michael Viechweg is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in the Province of Ontario.  He is the chairperson of the ASTM F24.61 Air Inflatable Amusement Devices Task Group


Sypher & Associates Field Engineering Ltd. – Cindy Sypher is a Designated Consulting Engineer. She is the Chair of the T.S.S.A.’s ADAC. She is the Co-Chair of ASTM F24.80 Harmonization Task Group for Canadian Harmonization developing amusement ride standards for Canada.