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A Message from Bonnie Rose, President & CEO, TSSA

At the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), we are improving our operations, launching new programs and simplifying our fee structure, as we transition to an outcome-based regulator. This organizational transformation has us focused on improving public safety in Ontario, building stronger partnerships and reducing unnecessary administrative burden. These changes have been and will continue to be informed by feedback from industry representatives.

New Programs
TSSA’s new Compliance Support Program and Heating Contractor Audit Program demonstrate our commitment to reducing risk and providing more support for businesses to comply with safety laws. Both programs have been well received by participants. Organizations that have accepted an invitation to participate in the Compliance Support Program have seen the risk scores for their devices drop by at least 50 per cent.

TSSA has also started rolling out industry compliance standards to enhance its regulatory oversight. Compliance standards are based on existing requirements but stress the importance of understanding and addressing high-risk obligations that have been identified through an analysis of historical inspection and incident data. This approach further emphasizes the responsibility of regulated parties in achieving safety outcomes.

Compliance standards have been implemented in the propane cylinder exchange, tanker truck, fuel oil distributor and heating contractor programs. Over the coming years, compliance standards will continue to be developed for all TSSA programs with the focus on escalators, pipelines and ski lifts in 2021.

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New Fee Schedule