TSSA Covid-19 & The Industry

Excerpt from TSSA’s website:

With the COVID-19 epidemic impacting organizations in Ontario in different ways, TSSA has been working closely with its regulated parties and stakeholders by taking several actions to help alleviate current constraints while ensuring safety is not compromised.

TSSA office staff are currently working from home and remain available to serve and support all our valued stakeholders.

TSSA’s notice issued on March 25 outlines the COVID-19 safety approach that TSSA is taking in its operations and in interacting with others. We continue to ask customers to contact us if they are facing COVID-19 related barriers and they are unsure how to proceed.

Operating an essential service during COVID-19 comes with the responsibility of operating safely. Regulated parties remain responsible for the safety of their sites, devices and procedures and in particular must focus on addressing any high-risk sites, devices or situations.

In many circumstances, TSSA is offering a grace period for certain requirements such as:

  • Training requirements
  • Pre-licence inspections
  • Periodic inspections in homes, facilities with vulnerable residents or other sites that are difficult to access safely or cannot be accessed due to the social distancing rules in Ontario

To view TSSA’s full list of guidelines during COVID-19, please click here.